Dish Network Has Gotten Even Better

There are some things that there is no substitution for, like a programming provider that you can trust to take care of your home programming needs. Dish Network has the real thing for home programming packages that can put the wow in your day.

Dish has up to six programming packages you can choose from for domestic programming and several different international programming packages from over 100 countries. American sports, while you enjoy the international sports arena. These international programming packages also offer shows, news, live events and other programming selections that provide hours of entertainment. Get more info about Dish Network Movie Options at

Dish offers remote access to programming packages and variety of DVRs and HD-DVRs that can better meet the needs of your schedule. You can enjoy live channels, On Demand programming, recorded programming that is stored to your DVR/HD-DVR and more. The Dish Anywhere service allows you to access your programming from the office, the park or your favorite coffee shop. You can stream movies from Blockbuster@Home, a movie and game rental service, or you can stream movies from premium movie channels and any of the Dish On Demand new movie releases.

The Hopper HD-DVR is the perfect companion for the Dish Anywhere service. It provides up to 2,000 hours of storage for standard definition content and up to 250 hours of storage for HD content. You can view any of your recorded programming remotely, or you can watch it at home from up to four different sets at one time. The Hopper makes it possible to see what's playing on other sets, without getting off the couch. It will even help you find the remote.

Dish has all of this and more with Bundled service packages that provide internet and home phone services, also. Bundled services provide savings and convenience you can't get through three separate providers. Find more entertainment options at