Turquoise Bracelets and Jewelries Adorn With Historic Aristocracy

Wearing turquoise bracelets and jewelries is commonly based on one’s panache in fashion. The stone is maybe one of the low-class minerals but the striking beauty of the color speaks loudly captivating women’s attention in particular. In reality, however, there is more to it than meets the eye https://bonniejennifer.com/products/hamsa-gold-filled-beaded-bracelet.

History Among Royalties
Studies have traced the use of turquoise among the royalties of the ancient times. It has adorned rulers and people of royal descents. In fact, the golden burial mask of Tutankhamun who is probably the most famous Egyptian pharaoh today is inlaid with turquoise along with some other colored glass. Many of the ancient civilizations have also believed that this mineral stone possesses prophylactic qualities meaning, it can protect the wearer from deceases. It was thought to have the ability to change color to determine the wearer’s state of health and at the same time protect him from bad forces. Modern findings have proven that, indeed, the stone can change in color. This however is not caused by any impending sickness or danger. Any change in color maybe brought by light reflection, dust, skin acidity or chemical reaction from cosmetics.

Aside from Egypt, Persians have also endeared this particular gemstone and used it not only in their jewelries but also in many of their mosques. Many turquoise stones were found to be used in engraving Persian devotional words additionally adorned with gold. It was them who brought and introduced the stone to India. The famous Taj Mahal has, in fact, used turquoise in some of its internal intricate designs. It was also the Persians who brought the stone to Turkey who then brought it to the French in the 17th century. The French people called it turques which has brought its current name as turquoise.

Modern Creations
In jewelry creations, stone colors are also regarded with some amount of importance. Bearing the color of the ocean, turquoise is perceived to give peace and tranquility. Many have regarded this to also mean femininity, sophistication, creativity, spiritual grounding, loyalty, wisdom and good intuition.

The Chinese has propagated modern gemstone therapy. For them, natural mineral stones have the ability to heal the human body and affect man’s total being. They believe that this is one of the stones for luck and can heal a depressed individual. It can transform sadness to cheerfulness and is also believed to add confidence. It can also enhance faithfulness and is at times called the friendship stone.

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